AIMSCAP | Fund Safety

Fund Safety

AIMSCAP has grown into a globally recognized brokerage over this few years of development and is recognized as an exemplary of the highest standards in the financial industry.

AIMSCAP is regulated by top regional regulatory board.

Punctual submission of financial statements to authorities, readiness to comply with supervisory checks and an outstanding track record with zero complaints have allowed AIMSCAP to earn the trust of the various regulatory board, as well as being hailed as one of the most reliable brokerage by traders and partners worldwide.


Our Liquidity Providers

AIMSCAP liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions and prime brokers.

AIMSCAP currently has 6 liquidity providers:– Barclays Bank, PLC – BNP Paribas – J.P.Morgan - UBS AG – Goldman Sachs International – Credit Suisse.

Our liquidity providers stream pricing through our technology and provide the best pricing to our clients.


Accounts with top tier banks

AIMSCAP provides trading feeds from top-tier banks and other world-class banking institutions to our clients.